Julieta Feresin

Julieta is a photographic artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“If there’s something I can say about Julieta is that, besides living in the real world, half the time, she manages to get out of it …”


See more of Julieta’s work here.


Emmanuel Pierrot

Emmanuel is a photographic artist from France and has been represented by Agence Vu for over 15 years. He has been creating personal works, comissions, and press editions for over 20 years.

“I think I can say without sounding too pretentious that I have developed a personal realm”


“A chaque appel d’un refusé des photomatons je me retrouve dans la posture du photographe de l’ordinaire. Pour les enfants de moins de trois mois, ce sera leur première photo d’identité. Pour les personnes âgées immobilisées chez elles, en maisons de retraite, ce sera sans doute la dernière. Difficile pourtant de limiter l’identité au cadre imposé par le ministère.

See more of Emmanuel’s work here.

Youth & Rust

Youth & Rust is an artist/designer/art & music photographer/typographer/hand-drawn flyer-maker/painter currently residing in Ontario, Canada.

His photographic works capture the “in-between” and evoke a sense of calmness amid chaos in an intimate but gritty documentary style. The images are filled with potential energy and romantically portray moments that have just passed.

E.A.A asked Youth & Rust to tell us a little about himself and his work. He responded:
“I grew up in small towns in Ontario. I started taking pictures as an alternative to doing assignments while in school for graphic design. There isn’t a lot of forethought or planning, most of the time I’m just trying to take pictures of things my friends and I do, and places I go—hopefully in a cool looking way. Photos have always been slightly secondary to other things-drawings, paintings-and more of a means than an end. They’re the loose and wild opposite to the controlled environment to everything else I make.”

See more of Youth & Rust’s work here and follow his tumblr here.

Cris is Masiva

Cristina was born in Barcelona and currently lives in Lisbon.





Cristina is a photographer and designer originally from Barcelona. She has worked as an assistant for numerous fashion photographers and as an interior photographer for the magazine Cosas de Casa; she is now based in Lisbon where she works as a designer.




See more of Cristina’s work here.