Martin Petersen – Between Two Homes

“This series takes its origins at my childhood home. This is where I grew up, just outside the village we moved towhen I turned ten. Now I live forty-five kilometers from this starting point, in a city with hundred times as many inhabitants, and thousand times as many opportunities.

The last years I lived in the village I dreamt myself away to something bigger, now that I live in the city I use everyopportunity I get to return to the countryside and the peace it gives me to stand in rural settings and look at the fields and forests, the secluded and the everyday life of the farms with its machinery and routines.

These pictures were taken on a drive from my childhood home; passing places I have not seen for years, via roadsI have never traveled on before, experiencing new sites, and back to where it all becomes familiar again.”

“I work with landscape photography and focus most of my work on the clash between man and nature. All series are taken within a couple of hours, I never do series over longer periods of time. To me photography is an experience that captures a certain place at a certain time, and I like to keep it that way.
I have had two exhibitions in the last couple of years and contributed to the album cover of Kloster – “Do Not Be Afraid” back in 2008, and A Doll’s House “The Entire Collection of Lost Memories” in 2011.”

See more of Martin’s work here


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