Christopher Boyne – Black Nance

“Black nance is based in history and story. For this project, I constructed a functional model boat called the black nance. The model was based on a traditional pond boat with a hull shaped of solid wood, a metal keel, and functional rigging that allows the model to sail autonomously. When I completed the model, I travelled with it to Nova Scotia where I launched it in the ocean at the tip of the Aspotogan Peninsula. Using a heavy piece of scrap cast steel as an anchor I made a small mooring for the boat. The Black Nance stayed at its mooring existing in a quiet moment of non-use without sails and with rigging lashed tight pitching and rolling with the small waves and currents of salt water ocean.”








“Christopher Boyne (b. 1984. Halifax, Nova Scotia) is a visual artist who uses new and found images and ideas to create work with manifold complexities. These complexities allow the viewer to create their own deep understandings of the work and situate themselves within. His work stimulates personal reflection, nostalgia, regret and reminiscence and marks the sensitivities of life. He has exhibited in Canada and the United States and is based in Montreal and Halifax.”

See more of Christopher’s work here


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