Pedro de Passos – Essential Forms

Pedro de Passos is a photographic artist based in Oporto, Portugal.






Pedro de Passos graduated from Escola Superior Artística do Porto in Visual Arts with a Photography major, and also studied Architecture at ESAP (which has a clear influence on his artistic works) and then later completed a Master in Design and Art degree in Public Spaces.





Pedro is influenced by the Dusseldorf School, pure shapes, and geometry. “It is part of the logic of abstraction reduce the subjective element to a minimum. What is essential is that the shape is born from an inner need (the content) and selected forms have a interior resonance, in other words, that they are arranged with a view to a perception of that content in an efficient manner. My work is produced through a trial look at spaces that result from the intersection and overlap of a natural and artificial order. It arises through an ambulatory process in the city on a daily basis and more connected to architecture, but also in the most simple light or element in a private location. Reduce, debug, filter order, present themselves as the most eloquent gestures.”

See more of Pedro’s work here.


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