Youth & Rust

Youth & Rust is an artist/designer/art & music photographer/typographer/hand-drawn flyer-maker/painter currently residing in Ontario, Canada.

His photographic works capture the “in-between” and evoke a sense of calmness amid chaos in an intimate but gritty documentary style. The images are filled with potential energy and romantically portray moments that have just passed.

E.A.A asked Youth & Rust to tell us a little about himself and his work. He responded:
“I grew up in small towns in Ontario. I started taking pictures as an alternative to doing assignments while in school for graphic design. There isn’t a lot of forethought or planning, most of the time I’m just trying to take pictures of things my friends and I do, and places I go—hopefully in a cool looking way. Photos have always been slightly secondary to other things-drawings, paintings-and more of a means than an end. They’re the loose and wild opposite to the controlled environment to everything else I make.”

See more of Youth & Rust’s work here and follow his tumblr here.


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