Stéphanie Pineau

Stéphanie is a photographic artist who was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec and currently lives and works in Montreal. This body of work is an exploration of landscape; natural and urban. Read more in their artist’s statement below.

“In this photo  series I explore the notion of absence in the natural and urban landscape. Absence of human presence and bright sun in these places that I frequented sporadically or daily. This presentation suggests to the viewer a fragmentary representation in the form of photographic archives.

“At the beginning of my research, I used photography as a medium to reproduce the natural landscape of pictorialism in painting. I captured natural spaces which gave me a feeling of contemplation. Inspired by the aesthetics of land art, I recreate representations of my photographs of landscapes in situ in a gallery. I explore video and art installation too.

“I am interested in the triviality and the sublimity of urban landscapes or random objects in my environment. Most of my images are often very refined and I try to evoke rather than clarify. It is through all of these themes and processes that I can question myself about the plasticity of photography through direct intervention on the medium or during shooting. The image imposes itself, transgresses the intellectual process and makes us see this world in a supernatural way.”

See more of Stéphanie’s work HERE


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